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Reach Your Customers With Vehicle Lettering

Dollar for dollar, no other advertising medias reach as many customers as vehicle graphics.

Vehicle lettering is a very popular graphic type. From business names, to school team graphics, many vehicles have some kind of stickers or automobile lettering on them. Why is it so widely used? Automobile lettering can withstand the elements for many years, it usually has a warranty, and the more the vehicle is driven the more people will see the message versus a billboard or newspaper advertisement.

If you are using it to promote your company or position at a company, it only has to be paid for once, unlike a monthly rental on a billboard or paying for other ongoing advertising media. By placing vehicle lettering on your car, you will generate more business from one advertisement that will last for years.

This type of application is flexible because removal is easy and you don’t have to repaint or buy a new car to change the lettering. If only part of the information has changed, your phone number for example, you could have that removed and replace it with the new information.

The more you drive your vehicles, the more people will see your message and the broader area you drive, the more likely you are to reach different kinds of customers. The more people that see your vehicle, the more business you will have. You may not see results right away but when people need your services your advertisement will pop into their head. Our brains need repetition. Visual repetition is even better than audio.

Get Graphics now also designs, creates and installs full and partial vehicle wraps.

To find out more, call or email Get Graphics Now today.

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Updated: Feb-14-2013

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